Kota Lantern Festival 2017


New tales of old trails !!

The old trails of Kota are always there to hit the humans from all over Rajasthan whether it be deepest of the history, Education, Coaching Institutes, diversified cultures, and the sweetest delicacies.

This time Kota is going to unravel a new tale for the city – Kota Lantern Festival 2017!!

A new regional event for the very first time in Kota which will embrace the evening with glowing lanterns, with bright lights of stage and the music of happiness flowing through the city veins.

The KLF provides a one fine evening for all walks of like to gather together on stage to spread their dreams into open space with the glorious lanterns and to make it a shining event of Kota.

What is Kota Lantern Festival?

Kota Lantern Festival, the 3 glowing words itself speak about the importance of pleasant, social atmosphere free from anything.

This event is not a one-day entertaining programme but a series of events held one month prior to the event with “viral” campaigns amongst the growing youth in various schools  , flashmobs and drama plays organised at various locations of city to promote the purpose of pollution-free Diwali and make clean India with their pure hearts and to follow their word of mouth through oath ceremonies so that these motivated thoughts run through them.

Purpose of KLF – Kota Lantern Festival 2017 

You wouldn’t have seen these letters adorned on your minds ever and so we are here to travel off the beaten paths of Kota and make people witness the diverse cultures. To walk a mile, the first step needs to be a strong one and so RajasthanBlog, Mahavir International We Care took the initiative to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali with everyone and keep environment values intact in mind.

KLF wants itself to be talkative with others by voices of its purpose flowing through people and to boost the clean environment message.

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