List of Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan

List of Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most preferred state in India for solar power and thermal generation, due to the highest level of solar radiations, abundant land availability at the cheapest rate and an ‘investor friendly’ policy. Therefore, the day is not so much far off when Rajasthan becomes the hub of solar energy.

Also, Rajasthan, by virtue of its Geography, enjoys the highest number of cloud-free days and high insolation ideal for the generation of solar power plants in Rajasthan. The opportunities offered by this bounty of nature are immense and it is important that this inexhaustible energy source is used to our advantage.

List of Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan

List of Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan

In the time when being responsible towards the requirements of climate and environment is the way forward, solar power as a source fo electricity is a vital development input. At the same time, the ambitious plan of the sate to make a major stride in the solar power generation – aiming at 25000 MW of installed solar power generation capacity – is reflective of the state’s forward-looking policies.

Here is the List of Solar Plants in Rajasthan / Thermal Power Plants

  1. Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park, Pokhran, Jaisalmer
  2. Bhadla Solar Park, Bhadla, Jodhpur
  3. Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant, Suratgarh, Ganganagar
  4. Kota Super Thermal Power Plant
  5. Giral Lignite Power Plant
  6. Chhabra Thermal Power Plant
  7. Ramgarh Gas Thermal Power Station
  8. Barsingsar Lignit Power Plant
Details of Ongoing List of Solar Power Plants In Rajasthan
S. No. Name of Solar Power Producer Capacity (MW) District GSS
1 M/s Diwakar Solar Projects Private Ltd 100 Jaisalmer 220kV GSS PS1
2 M/s.   KVK  Energy   Ventures  Pvt Ltd. 100 Jaisalmer 220kV GSS PS1
3 M/s Corporate Ispat Alloy ltd 50 Jaisalmer 220kV GSS PS1
1 Arjun Green Power Pvt. Ltd. 5 Jodhpur 400kV GSS Bhadla
2 Energo Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd 10 Jodhpur 400kV GSS Bhadla
1 VS Lignite Power Pvt. Ltd. 10.00 Bikaner 132 kV GSS, Kolayat
2 Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd. 1.25 Bikaner 132/33 kV GSS, Kolayat 
3 M/s Zenex Multiventure Private Limited 5.00 Jodhpur 220/132 kV GSS, Bilara 
4 M/s Reeja Infracon Private Limited  5.00 Jodhpur 220/132 kV GSS, Bilara 
1 Reliance Green Power Pvt. Ltd 150.00 Jaisalmer 220kV GSS Dechu
1 M/s Mukherji & Mukherji 1.00 Ajmer 132 kV GSS Roopangarh
2 M/s Udaipur Minerals D.S. Pvt .ltd. 1.00 Bhilwara 33 kV GSS Ghewaria
3 M/s Sangam India Ltd. 3.00 Chittorgarh 33 kV GSS Nimbhahera
4 M/s MES Sadhuwali Military Cant., Sriganganagar. 2.00 Bikaner 33 kV GSS Keshrisinghpur.
5 M/s Airport Authority of India Ltd. 1.80 Jaipur 33 kV GSS Pratap Nagar & Jawahar Circle.


Upcoming Rajasthan thermal power plants:- The upcoming thermal power plants in Rajasthan are

  1. VS Lignite Power Plant, Gurha, Bikaner
  2. Raj West Power Ltd, Bhadresh, Barmer
  3. JSW Energy (Ratnagiri) Ltd, Suratgarh, Ganganagar
  4. Sanjog Sugars & Eco Power Pvt. Ltd, Vill. Sangaria, Hanumangarh
  5. Banswara Thermal Power Co. Ltd, Banswara
  6. Adani Power Rajasthan Ltd, Kawai, Baran

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