Mandir Palace Jaisalmer – Popular Heritage Hotel


Mandir Palace Jaisalmer is a heritage hotel situated near to Jaisalmer Fort.

It is Built by the royal family of Maharawal Moolraji, the Mandir palace has now opened its gates for commoners who desire to savor royalty and antiquity.

The rooms are simply marvellous and royal.

We were so excited to visit this palace as our local tour guide boasted so much about this prominent landmark in this spectacular heritage city, which had been the residence of the rulers of Jaisalmer for more than two centuries. Indeed.

An exquisitely carved architectural marvel of ornate balconies, canopies and delicately carved screens that represent a high point of local craftsmanship in its finest and purest form.

Here are the beautiful pictures of Mandir Palace Jaisalmer.

Mandir palace Jaisalmer
Example of Beautiful Craftsmanship
mandir palace Jaisalmer
Architectural marvel of ornate balconie at Mandir Palace Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer mandir Palace

Mandir Palace hotel
Top View Mandir Palace Jaisalmer Hotel

Hope you like the photos of Mandir Palace Jaisalmer.

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