Sambhar Salt Lake

Night camping at Sambhar Salt Lake

The Sambhar Salt Lake, the largest inland salt lake in India with the surface area of around 200 square kilometers with the mix of desert soil and salt gives the barren land a beautiful white glowing luster look like white snow scattered on the earth,  And is located 96 km southwest of the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It surrounds the historical Sambhar Lake Town. Though it is called a lake, Sambhar Salt Lake is more of a saline very shallow wetland.

Sambhar Salt Lake

Source Sambhar Salt Lake Largest inland salt lake in India with the area of around 200 s.q

I’ve never been there myself but when a friend of mine went to visit the Salt Lake, I decided to pen down her experience. The first thing she told me when she came back was that, if you’re struggling with realities of life; if you’re feeling burdened then you must visit this beautiful soothing Sambhar lake. I could see how at ease she was when she returned.

Night camping at Sambhar Salt Lake

Night camping at Sambhar Salt Lake

It was around 9 at night when she and her friends decided to make this impromptu trip to the Salt Lake. They were 6 people confided in a car making their way out of the Jaipur city and towards the lake. At first, they discovered a deserted railway crossing which looked a bit ghostly. Despite it being a full moon night, they couldn’t see anything except a dark pitch black. The only lights were of their car’s headlights. There was a temple nearby so , she decided that it would be best to ask someone, the way to the Sambhar lake. There was an old Hindu priest who helped them. That whole place gave a very dangerous and mysterious vibe so they all decided it would be best to leave as soon as possible. So, they decided to continue on their journey to the Salt Lake.

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Suddenly their car came at a screeching halt when a sambhar deer came out of nowhere in middle of the road. She told me that all she can think about, was how magnificently beautiful that deer looked. And that, that deer was a sign that they have finally going to reach the Salt Lake.

Around 12 am in the morning, they reached the Sambhar lake. It was quiet. It was peaceful and with the help of car’s headlight, she was able to see the white land underneath her feet. It looked like someone has poured silver dust on the land. Regardless of being barren, it was the most gorgeous place to witness. It was a deserted dry lake except for a temple of  Shakambhari Devi, goddess of  Chauhan Rajputs and the consort of Lord Shiva. The temple was ancient, structured with white stones and was tranquil.

She wanted to know the story behind the lake being salty and dry. After reading few articles on the internet she came upon two different reasons: scientific and mythology. The scientific story suggests that water is fed to the lake from the rivers Mendha, Runpangarh, Khandel and Karian. As it has no outlet than evaporation it has very high salinity, far saltier than seawater. Also, it’s mineral content is increasing constantly. And, according to mythological reason  Shakambhari Devi converted a dense forest into a plain of silver as payment for some service. Also, at the request of the inhabitants who dreaded the greed and strife that such a possession would beget, she transformed the silver plain into a lake. The name of the lake, Sambhar, stems from a variation Shakambhari, which happened around the sixth century. There are too many folklores surrounding this mysterious Salt Lake to believe one. And this story seems to be one of them.

Around 3 a.m., sleep consumed her at the backseat of car and she woke up at the first sight of sun rays. It was dusk but it looked like twilight. The first sun rays were painting sky in a hue of red, yellow and orange. It looked like a canvas with water colors spread over it. And those rays enhanced the beauty of the lake. The whole white land looked majestic. It was a beauty to behold and capture forever. The morning breeze blowing through her hair and calming her soul was reason she decided to visit this beautiful Salt Lake.Sambhar Salt Lake

So, if you are thinking about a quick weekend getaway trip, to rejuvenate your soul, Sambhar Salt Lake is a recommended place to visit. Take a trip to lake at night, camp out ad witness the beautiful sunrise over the white Salt Lake.

Sambhar Salt Lake Distance From Jaipur Bus Station and Railway Station

  • By Road – 81 Km distance between Jaipur to Sambhar Lake
  • By Train – 26 Km, There is/are 2 direct train(s) from Jaipur to Sambhar. These train(s) is/are Leelan Exp (12468) and Kota Sgnr Sf Ex (22981) etc.
  • Click here for Google Map Direction

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