Om Banna- A Mysterious and Great Rajasthani Soul

Om Banna- Motorcycle Baba


There is a place in rajasthan located at Jodhpur– Ahamedabad highway near district Pali district named Rohet. This place is an accident prone site and famous for accidents, so there is a sign board to tell the travellers and commuters to slow down and this place is famous for Om Banna.

Om Banna- Motorcycle Baba

Om Banna
The speciality of this place is Motorcycle baba(Om Banna) and local people worship him. People believe that worship him will prevent accidents in that area. The story behind this is , there was a guy named Om Singh Rathore or Om Banna of village Chotila. In the year 1988 he was died in an accident on the same site while he was riding on his bullet.

After that police seized his Om Banna’s bike but the bike was missing from the police station on the next morning. They searched for the bike and found that bike on the same accident site. Police took the bike again and emptied the fuel but next morning the bike was missing again and again found that on the accident spot. People believed that this whole act was done by the soul of Om Banna so they built a temple in his memory. People worship him to prevent accidents and this is helpful for them. This is a example of great indian souls.
Jai Om Banna


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