Places to Visit in Bundi – Bundi Tourism

Places to Visit in Bundi

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bundi – Bundi Tourism

Bundi is a district of Rajasthan with 104,457 citizens which is situated in northwest India. This city is named after Bunda Meena and it was previously also called as “Bunda Ka Nal”. Bundi is prominent for its forts, palaces, bazaars, and reservoirs (Baoris). With a landscape endowed with lakes, heritage buildings and temples, Bundi is an ideal getaway for those craving for some peaceful time. Bundi with its attraction attracts the tourist like Jaipur and Udaipur.

Bundi came to its power when Mohammed Ghori pushed groups of Chauhan nobles to the south in the 12th century. They snatched area of Bundi from Bheel and Meena and made Bundi the capital known as Hadoti. Foods of Bundi are enriched with ghee and butter. The list of Bundi’s famous cuisine includes the following dishes are Panchkuta, Laapsi, Ghoogri.

The top 10 famous Points of Interest or Places to visit in Bundi are:

1. TARAGARH FORT: Taragarh Fort which is also known as Star Fort. It was constructed in 1354. There are three gateways to the fort Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza, and Gagudi ki Phatak. It is 39km away from Kota and is the most majestic place. In November to March this fort has the major number of tourist. It has the many and huge water reservoir.

Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism2. BHORAJI – KA – KUND: It is the most attractive place in Bundi because of its beauty and it was built in the 16th century. The meaning of kund is ‘tank’ and was constructed to fulfill the needs of the people who were affected by drought at that time.

3. CHAURASI KHAMBON KI CHHATRI: It is erected by 84 pillars so it is also known as “84-Pillared Cenotaph”. It was constructed in 1683 by Raja Rao Anirudh as the tribute to his wet nurses, who took special care and loved the princes and princesses of the ruling king.A wet nurse is known as ‘Deva’ was someone special as she treated the king lovingly and he loved her as his own mother. The building is her memorial.

4. HATHI POL: It is the Entry gate of the Garh Palace. Hathi means Elephant and Pol mean Door in the huge wall. The gate is massive and it has two elephants statue facing each other on the top. There are balconies on Gates as they had the tradition to welcome their guests by Music and Wind Chimes.

Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism5. GARH PALACE: The Garh Palace is built by different rulers of a different time but the construction was started by Maharaja Balwant Singh. It was built between 17th and 18th century. Garh Palace is known for Rajputana style framework which is illustrated on Pillars and Jharokhas. Garh Palace has timing from 8 am to 5 pm.

6. STEPWELLS: Bundi has around 50 kunds, tanks and step wells. Many well-known wells and kunds are easy to find out but to get all 50 kunds and step wells is problematical as either Taragarh Fort wells are included and so many to find out.With beautiful architecture, these Baori’s were constructed for ground water storage.

7. NAWAL SAGAR LAKE: This Lake is huge and manmade and it has few Islands too. It also has a temple dedicated to the Aryan God of water- Lord Varuna. As it is situated in the middle of whole Bundi so it is said that whole Bundi can be seen as a reflection in the lake. It can be seen from the Taragarh Fort too.

Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism8. SUKH NIWAS PALACE: It is located in front of Jal Mandir and it most interesting feature is that its gate is made up of Sandal wood which gives special fragrance. Another interesting fact of this palace is that it has the good flow of water channels. In past time these water channels were used to flow cold water so that one could feel cold during summers.

Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism9. RANI JI KI BAORI: It is also known as Queen Stepwell which was built by Rani Nathavati Ji who was a younger queen of Rao Raja Anirudh Singh of Bundi. It is 46m deep which is decorated with amazing cravings; the step well is located in a small park. It was constructed in 1699. The Baori features a carved idol of Lord Vishnu on its great entrance.

10. SHIKHAR BURJ: It is more a private property of the current Bundi Royal family who is living there. It was built in the 18th century and it was a lodge for hunting people.
“It is such a palace as men build for themselves in uneasy dreams – the work of goblins rather than of men.’’

Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism

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Places to Visit in Bundi - Bundi Tourism
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