Top 5 Places to Visit in Dungarpur City

Spend a day in THE CITY OF HILLS – Dungarpur City is one such tourist location in Rajasthan which is progressively becoming popular among tourists. Endowed with an extensive range of tourist spots, Dungarpur is an excellent tourist fascination as it offers an extensive range of touring spots. (Places to Visit in Dungarpur)

Moreover, the presence of a wide variety of attractions in Dungarpur further helps the reason as it meets various requirements of the tourists. The reputation of Places to Visit in Dungarpur had increased in the last few years. Consequently, a huge amount of tourists are going to Rajasthan and thus increasing the overall tourist count to Rajasthan.

Some Well-known Places to Visit in Dungarpur City

  • Baneshwar Temple


    Places to Visit in Dungarpur

Baneshwar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and well-known Shiva Linga temple of the state. The wats or temples situated on the becoming a joining of the point of Som and Mahi Rivers and the lingam is designed five feet high and is dropped broken at the top in five parts. And there is another temple devoted to Lord Brahma is situated near this temple.

  • Rajmata Devendra Kunwar Museum

Rajmata Devendra Kunwar Museum is one of the excellent Dungarpur tourists’ attractions and quite famous amongst the tourists and here you can see the best of old selections which are old from the 6th century. Among the many materials you can see amazing statues and idols, artwork, money, status and most of them are from the Gupta Empire and any statues associated with Hindu Myth can also be seen.

  • Shri Nath Ji Temple

Shri Nath Ji Temple is a 200-year-old temple which was designed by Maharawal Punjraj and in Dungarpur history, the temple is devoted to Lord Krishna Ji who is known as Goverdhanji and Radhika Ji and both the idols are set up in this temple and it is said that the idols of the temple are only seen here but nowhere in the country.

  • Udai Bilas Palace

Udai Vilas Palace is mentioned amongst the best Dungarpur tourist locations and no one can skip the trip to this palace. The palace is designed magnificently in a Rajput designed architecture and the palace is having magnificently designed pillars and railings, luxurious balconies, bracketed windows, which are all done with marble carvings.

  • Vijay Raj Rajeshwer Temple

Vijay Raj Rajeshwer Temple is an awesome stone temple situated on the banks of the Gaib Sagar Lake and devoted to Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati who is his consort. The construction of the temple was started by Maharawal Vijay Singh and the temple is an awesome architecture. Do not skip the amazing shadow of the temple that drops on the stream and creates an awesome scenario.

Other places to Visit in Dungarpur

  • Juna Mahal Dungarpur
  • Badal Mahal Dungarpur
  • Gaib Sagar Lake Dungarpur
  • Goodh Mandap 
  • Nagfaniji
  • Galiakot –  Syed Fakhruddin’s shrine
  • Deo Somnath 
  • Boreshwer Mahadeo
  • Kshetrapal Temple 
  • Government Archaeological Museum

Hence, it clearly shows that Dungarpur tourism is very well prepared with a lot of touring opportunities. Just as it has an extensive range of castles, the best spot also features locations with tranquil natural beauty. Moreover, there are also some Best Places to Visit Dungarpur, which clearly shows the lifestyle and reputation of the best spot. Hence, locations like this add value to your Dungarpur tour.

Hence, if you’re preparing for a Rajasthan tour in near future and then make sure you pay a tour to Dungarpur or else you will miss something really big.

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