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Pushkar Lake: The King of Pilgrimage Sites related to Water Bodies

Pushkar Is situated just 13 km away from Ajmer, well connected with railways, State Transport Buses, Private Cabs, and auto. Pushkar Lake holds a very important place amongst all Hindu shrines around the world. The Pushkar Lake originated from the lotus flower by the grace of Lord Brahma, surrounded with lots of ghat like the Gwalior, the ram ghat, the Karni ghat, and the Jaipur ghat.

Hindu pilgrims are coming to accomplish their Tirth Yatra and The Char Dham yatra is considered incomplete without visiting Pushkar so Pushkar Lake is popularly known as Pushkar Raj or Tirth Raj or Tirth Guru (The King of pilgrimage sites related to water bodies).

The mythology of the creator God, The Lord Brahma whose most prominent temple stands on the banks of Pushkar Lake which finds mention in history as early as the 4th century BC. Pushkar Lake has 52 Ghats having varied importance. Parikrama of Pushkar Lake is known to be very sacred amongst Hindu.

Pushkar Brahma Temple // Image Courtesy – Atlas Obscura

Ample Parking facilities, Neat and clean washroom facilities, Various Shops selling handicrafts, Prashad, clothing, leather goods, religious books, Ince Sticks are around the lake. ATM facilities and Cashless Transactions are improved nowadays in Pushkar. Enjoy Camel Safari, a tour on sand dunes in Pushkar. 

Sunrise and Sunset are the Best Time to visit Pushkar Lake.

You can also take part in Maha Aarti of Pushkar Raj in the evening. Whenever in Pushkar, don’t forget to enjoy renowned, legendary famous Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma, Aaloo- Pyaz Tikkad at Madan Ji Ka Dhaba situated at Mela Ground, Pushkar, World Famous Rabdi Ke Malpuwe at Sarveshwar Mishtann Bhandar Opposite to Gau Ghat, Halwai Gali, Pushkar, and Earthen Oven Baked Pizzas at Om Shiva Pizza.

Main Attractions:

  1.  Brahma Temple: The only temple of Lord Brahma.
  2.  Savitri Mata Temple: and reach through by Rope-Way (Cable car).
  3.  Various Ghats of the lake: Gau Ghat, Varah Ghat, Brahma Ghat.
  4.  Famous Temples: Rang Ji Temple (Old and New), Varaha Mandir, Gayatri Mata Temple, Narsingh Mandir, and much more Old temple built in ancient times are worth visiting if you’re in Pushkar.
  5.  हलवाई गली के मालपुए:  A sweet dish from Confectioners’ Street
  6.  Antique Items shops: Jewellery, Ethnic clothing, Wooden crockery.
  7.  Products made from Rose Petals: Rose Water, Rose petals with sugar syrup (गुलकंद), Rose Scented Pooja Sticks, Rose Scented Perfumes, and lot more.

Things to Improve:

1. Unorganized Traffic system: If you’re planning to visit in the times of fair, Pushkar becomes a messy place for visitors. But on casual days, no need to worry about traffic, it will be managed properly 

2. Cleanliness in streets: Although the lake is being monitored for the tidy environment, streets are overlooked for the same, Jammed drainages, muddy pathways, patchy roads, these all must be improve or checked regularly.

3. Attitude towards tourists: I’ve noticed many persons staring at foreigners with a very weird and obscene look at their faces. This thing is to be improved at all the places to make our country a favorite tourist destination.

Things to keep in mind :

  1.  Beware Pushkar Lake is a Religious, Sacred Place of Worship so Smoking, Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited in and around Pushkar Lake. 
  2. The Dress Code is also followed here. 
  3. Please don’t venture into the deep water of Pushkar Lake as it may turn out to be dangerous for your life.
  4. Beware of touts, cheater, commission agents, beggars who are experts in bag lifting, chain, and mobile Snatching. Also, be careful about pickpockets in the area.

Pushkar Lake and its age-old ghats take you back in time. A time where the mighty thread of faith brought people from hundreds of kilometers to pray for salvation and to take a dip in its holy waters. The ghats are still the same and the sun rises and sets with the same old charm to melt anyone’s heart but the people have changed. 

Jay Shri Pushkar Raj !!


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