Seven Days Of Rain In A Year – Dhule Records in Five Flood-hit Districts

Previous a week in different parts of the Rajasthan state, heavy rain washed so many records, the meteorological department also shatter assumptions. Under the forecast of monsoon at 104 to 108 percent chance of rain reported, but the long rains of the monsoon season, rainfall data is visible outstripped.

Seven Days Of Rain In A Year - Dhule records in five flood-hit districts


The flood situation in five districts made them normal monsoon rains made cross. Two days earlier the same day in Jodhpur rains have not only a record of 89 years, but the general area of about 100 mm of rain from figures put forward. Affected Chittorgarh, Bhilwara and Pali also more or less the same figures. Chittorgarh normal rainfall figure of 709.70 mm, while 660 mm of water fell here on August 8 and 9.


Karauli and rescued 250 people stranded in Bansur :

Bansur bass caught in the mutiny of troops by helicopter rescued a family of 8 people. Hrsura Chipari village and 20 people are stuck between the 3 families. Bisalpur dam in Tonk release of water from the river Banas, Karauli and Sawaimadhopur Katdha village bordering the island has become. The 35 families of 240 people had gathered. NDRF 7 hours rescued Rescue operation running.

8 inches of rain, the flood situation in Mundavar and Bansur :

Seven Days Of Rain In A Year - Dhule records in five flood-hit districts
Round of heavy rains in the state released last week continued Thursday. Alwar district Mundavar 8 inches (205 mm) and four and a half in Bansur inches (115 mm) of rain, the flood situation has become. Monday night, the rain continued to shift round on Thursday issued fourth day, but could not get relief from flood conditions. City tank overflow dam and Lordia grow and more than two dozen colonies were flooded. Shift around town and Sojat, Bali and Sumerpur, Desuri and Marwar junction over 200 villages are surrounded by water. SDRF, National Disaster Response Force, Army and police personnel have taken up cudgels.Seven Days Of Rain In A Year - Dhule records in five flood-hit districts

Two die in accident-Jalore in life is being affected by the constant rain. Srdargdh a young man from drowning in the river near the village of Kheda were killed. The current in Ganganagar Srivijaynagr killed Harish.

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