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Rains, Waterfalls and Roads of Kota

Kota is well known for its diverse education system, but the fact that remains layered is the beauty of the city, especially during the monsoon season. When rain drizzles down, it nourishes the city in such a way that it becomes a beautiful tourist destination.

Listed below are some must-visit places & waterfalls in Kota during monsoon!

1. Kota Barrage

Needless to say, KOTA BARRAGE remains on top of the list when it comes to an outing in monsoon. Located in the old town, right beside the City Palace, the place is an amazing visit. As the gates of the dam are opened, water rushes through the doors into the CHAMBAL RIVER.

The view is breathtaking  and attracts a huge number of people every year.

  • Located near the old town.
  • Nearest from kunhadi and Rampura.
  • Parking facility available.
  • Can be visited by bike, scooty.

2. Garadiya Mahadev Temple

Located 17 km away from the city on NH-76, the GARADIYA MAHADEV TEMPLE is the temple of LORD SHIVA and is one of the best locations one can come across. Two cliffs separated by river Chambal that flows from between them, makes the place a great place to visit and worship.

  • Located on NH-76, 17km away from Kota.
  • Parking facility available.
  • Entry by ticket.
  • Can be visited by bike, car.

3. Geparnath Waterfalls and Temple

Geparnath waterfalls are on the outskirts of the city. The temple is situated down the steps, surrounded by cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. The place is frequently visited as soon as monsoon starts.

  • Situated in the outskirts of the city .
  • Can be visited by bike, car.
  • Great for a picnic.
  • Parking facility available.

4. Pajadhar Waterfalls

The falls are located 60 km away in Rawatbhata. The place is amazing and full of nature. The place also has Temple of Lord Shiva which attracts crowd due to its location and beauty.

  • 60 km away from Kota.
  • Should be visited by car as the place is a bit far.

5. Kishor Sagar & Jag Mandir Palace

Kishor sagar also known as KST remains the most visited place throughout the year but the place turns out more beautiful during monsoon.

The JAG MANDIR PALACE, located right in the middle of the Talab grabs attention during monsoons as you can visit the palace and enjoy boating.

  • Located in the main city i.e. Gumanpura.
  • Parking facility available.

6. Bhimlat Mahadev & Waterfall

Stunner place in Rajasthan near Kota. Amazing & mesmerizing waterfall surrounded by lush green forest giving the best scenic view during monsoon season. And it is easily accessible from Kota and Bundi.

  • You should visit by your own vehicle as there is no transportation facility
  • If you are a nature lover and also like photography then this is the best place to invest your time and skills on.

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