Rajasthan’s Cow Sanctuary: Impacts and possible future Scenario

Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur one of the worst-managed cow shelters in the city. Express photo by Rohit Jain Paras 05.08.2016 *** Local Caption *** Hingonia Cow Rehabilitation Centre in Jaipur one of the worst-managed cow shelters in the city.

After the set up of India’s first cow Sanctuary “Kamdhenu Gau Abhyaranya” by the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, the Government has taken initiative to set up another cow sanctuary in Rajasthan by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private trust named Mohanlal Buladevi Ojha Gaushala. The initiative had started in June when the government levied a 20% surcharge on liquor to use the proceeds in the set up of the cow sanctuary in Rajasthan. The Mou was finally signed in September to develop the cow sanctuary.


India’s second cow sanctuary has been developed in Naspara in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. It covers an area of 220 hectares with a plan to provide shelter to 1000 bovines. This sanctuary made in line with wildlife sanctuary will be managed by the Sohanlalji Buladeviji Ojha Gaushala Samiti. Rajasthan’s Cow Sanctuary


The sole aim of the cow sanctuary is to provide food and shelter to the cows straying in the streets of Rajasthan.  The trust has promised to provide Sewan grass as fodder for the cows. Sewan grass is considered as the best quality of fodder for animals. The cows will also be provided with treatments when they are not well. A hospital will be set up to serve this purpose.


  • The cow sanctuary is so planned that it will develop into a tourist spot just like wildlife sanctuaries.
  • It will provide a shelter to those abandoned cows those cannot give milk and are disowned by the owners to stray in the streets.
  • It can help to check cow smuggling. Any cow rescued from the smuggling racket will be provided with shelter in this sanctuary.

Future Scenario

After the set up of the cow sanctuary, the Rajasthan Government is planning to introduce bull safari at Hingonia Gaushala, the biggest Gaushala for the tourist. This raises the expectation of the desert state to attract more tourists. The tourists will now be able to witness cows, buffaloes and bulls roaming freely in open yet enclosed grounds just like the animals in the wildlife sanctuaries.