Rangeelo Mharo Rajasthan

Rangeelo Mharo Rajasthan

Rajasthan formerly called ‘Land of Kings‘ where the history of kings, their wars still heard from the empire that still stood.Time along with sand buried many secrets under it.This land also gave us honorable musicians Jagjit Singh; Once vice – president of India Bhairon Singh Shekwat. Many things are treasured into this mysterious world of rang Rangilla Desh.

Rangeelo Mharo Rajasthan

If you are thinking that what a dessert have? Sand.
Maybe this time you’re wrong.
Rajasthan got the best specimen of art, culture, architecture the hometown of Rajput and Mughal artist carved the real piece of magic through their hand. From Hawa mahal to Raja Sawai Jai Singh City Palace to Jaisalmer fort to Golden fort to Kunchaman where Hiritik Roshan witAishwarya’s  Rai’s famous film was shoot.
Rangeelo Mharo Rajasthan
Hidden jems like Bundi ka Kila who gave a lesson which took place in Hindi literature that how an archer was devoted to his land to popular silk route road which burden up our social studies Mandawa was one of the places in route where you can find lavish Havelis to victory fort where Jaivana Cannon still guarding the treasure beneath it.
Ghum Toh Bahut Liya But Kuch Yaad Toh Yaha Ki le Jani Padegi Na.
Trust me all craft lover Heaven is here. Girls nothing is better than owing a Rajasthani Ghagra choli and dupatta having mothers and Lehariya design adding up  block printing enrich the pattern.
Rangeelo Mharo Rajasthan
Alluring motifs and zari work ornaments where your eyes can stick. Boys don’t worry Rajasthan also got something for you Jodhpuri Safa ya Jaipuriya Pagris confused? Buy both. Once shopping is incomplete without famous footwear of this place that is Mojadi. Leather Mojadi embroidered by blue, red or silver color thread shimmering on it. Knock knock anyone planning for the wedding…..If any so come here for your wedding shopping.
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