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Revealing the Hidden Gem of Rajasthan – Modern day Rani Lakshmi Bai

Neha Sakka was born in the City of Lakes Udaipur, She is a vigorous, zealous and astonishingly creative woman who is currently working as Junior Engineer at JVVNL, Jaipur.

As it is rightly said that, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ it will be an injustice to the courage and determination shown by Ms. Neha Sakka battling all the difficulties in reaching where she is today if we say that she is very lucky to reach here.

From fighting for the basic right to study to getting awarded by the prominent college of Eng. Of Rajasthan, for the Best Student, she has seen the lot. From an early age when a child lives carefree, she faced various criticisms for her color and voice which can devastate any persons confidence but She fought against every preset norm of the society and have emerged as a modern-day Rani Lakshmi Bai who instead of killing enemy by sword is killing the opinionated society through her never giving up attitude.

Today Neha has emerged as a powerful orator and has given speeches at various institutes including Institute of Engineering where she has not only won the awards but has won the heart of prominent people including heads of Toastmaster.

Her speeches are not only loved for the content and emotions she puts in but also for her mesmerizing voice. She reminds us of the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachan who was once rejected for his voice and now loved for the same. She is not only a good orator but also a poet and a photographer. She has been also a part of the project under National Geographic ‘Nails and Hammer’. She is also a nature lover and she is been working to turn useless and waste items into a beautiful piece of art with the help of women who are needy and she calls them ‘Unchained Females’.

neha sakkaMs Sakka has the ability to inspire everyone who gets in touch with her. She is a beautiful person in and out who dreams of reaching the Moon one day. She is proud of Rajasthan and we wish that one day she will be proud of India as well.

To listen to her speeches visit Instagram – @neha_sakka
To see her photography visit Instagram – @creating_magic_in_photography

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  1. Sayyed Hussain says:

    Great and grand achievement

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