भात नूतना (भात भरने का न्यौता / आमंत्रण ) A Hidden Ritual of North Indian Weddings

Here today we will talk about the very first rite which is performed during North indian weddings which is ‘भात न्यूतना / नूतना‘ that is inviting the bhaatis (भाती)

Who are bhaatis?

Relatives from the bride’s/groom’s maternal side, who gift clothes and other stuff to the opposite party as a sign of respect.(you all probably know about that, pity if you don’t)

As the bride’s mother goes to invite her parents, brothers, cousins for the wedding, some of the relatives or generally ladies from neighbourhood gather to see them off singing songs (i told earlier that there are folk songs for every single rite, ritual, ocassion you can imagine).

Before that, as you see in the pictures ‘mangodis‘ made with paste of moong daal and some other ingredients is prepared. Why?

I asked my mother and she couldn’t tell (not her fault😅), so here’s my logic- rajasthan being an arid region was not suitable for growing vegetables hence, back then people preserved lentils by dehydrating them, in place of vegetables. The times have changed now thanks to advancing technology (and Indira Gandhi canal too) but the dried food in staple diet remains.

Also, the locks and keys of the home along with Lord Ganesha (the one tied with red sacred thread) kept between the mangodis kept for sun drying, is worshipped.

All this later on is packed and bride takes it to her ससुराल post विदाई. .

In Hindi :- वर और कन्या की मॉं विवाह पूर्व अपने-अपने मायके मे जाकर भात न्यौत देना चाहिए अर्थात भात भरने का न्यौता / आमंत्रण देना चाहिए. भात न्यौतने जाते समय अपने भाई-भतिजों के लिए उपहार-मिठाई आदि अपने सामर्थ के अनुसार लेकर जाना चाहिए.इस आमंत्रण में उसे अपने भाई / भतिजों को तिलक करके नारियल-रूपया देना चाहिए. इस अवसर पर सारे परिवार वाले सम्मिलित होते हैं.

Post written and photos taken by Ritu Dangi, You can find her on Instagram – Nikonwali

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