Self-Drive Cars in Jaipur

The covid-19 graph seems to be getting stable and people have once again started traveling. But due covid-19 people are hesitant to travel in public transport and a good alternative which is gaining momentum is Self-driving cars.

The self-Drive car market is picking up at an amazing rate in India. It is really popular among youngsters as it provides them more freedom. The freedom to choose cars, freedom to go places without a chauffeur, and freedom to drive.
Here are some companies who provide self-drive facilities in Jaipur.

  • MyChoize: The leading brand in the self-drive car rental facility is Japan’s second-largest self-drive car rental company, Orix. Its brand MyChoize is providing self-drive cars in 20 cities of India and is looking forward to expanding more. Recently, it has added a few new cities and Jaipur is one of them. Being the center of tourist attraction, Jaipur promises a great deal of business in this sector.
  • ZopRent: It is a reputed self-drive car service provider in Jaipur. Providing cars at a reasonable price, great customer satisfaction, and an easy booking procedure make it very popular among users.
  • Revv Cars: It is a leading self-drive car rental company that provides cars at an affordable price. Revv started with a fleet of 50 cars from Delhi-NCR. Just after its launch, Revv cars became popular in many cities.
  • ZOOMCAR: Another leading self-drive car company in this sector is Zoomcar. It is an Indian self-drive car rental company, headquartered in Bangalore. The company was founded in 2013 by David Back and Greg Moran. Zoom car is expanding its business by providing amazing services in many cities at a reasonable price.

Although we are moving forward to our life before covid-19 but we should not forget that the pandemic is not fully over. We must take proper precautions to avoid any risk. Stay safe!!!


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