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Sudhabay – The Miraculous Pool of Rajasthan

Sudhabay near Pushkar, is well known as a location for conducting exorcism, rather some places that are awful. While it’s not frequented in the normal sense of the term, the area serves an annual festival which sees folks coming from around the area to remove spirits that possess them. Sudhabay includes a lake whose water is considered highly sacred. Residents take bath init to protect them from the negative energies floating around.

According to the Puranas, there is a traditional belief that taking a bath in this Sudhabay Kunda can easily liberate people surrounded by long-standing phantom obstacles, invisible spirits.  Also, by offering pindadan of the ancestors here, there is a virtue equivalent to performing the pind daan in the Bodh Gaya Pilgrimageof Bihar.

In this scientific age there is no phantom barrier, whether or not to consider invisible souls, but about 4 kilometers from Pushkar, near the old Pushkar Pilgrimage.

 There is a place called Sudhabai Kund where bathing brings freedom from ghosts and invisible souls, evil souls start to suffer as soon as it gets into the pool, The victim gets relief easily. 

Process is does in presence of the priest 

At the time of redressing the phantom barrier, anyone who enters the phantom or other souls on this ghat, shouts loudly along with taking a bath and tells his name, the priest says the mantra after that the soul comes out of the victim’s body. 

Soul is being released from the body

If we look at the facts of the direct incident, while bathing in the pool, it can be easily seen that the women speak their own language as well as the invisible souls while taking bath in the pool. She speaks her name and knows how to get out of her body. Shortly after bathing, the creature takes a bath and laughs and comes out of the pool.

Legendary importance of pind daan and tarpan

Here on the occasion of the tri-coincidence of Shukla Paksha Chaturthi Tuesday, Gaya Mata herself sits. This is the reason that people from far and wide come here to offer their fathers, peace offerings, pindadan and they do not have to go to Bodh Gaya.

Getting rid of invisible spirits easily after bathing in water in the middle of the scientific era can be called miraculous news. Still some people may not believe this, but when they came to Sudhabai Kund, they saw the scene of the souls walk away from the body, then the mind cannot move away from superstition and accept the miraculous power of freedom from suffering.The yearly fair views a motley bunch and unusual rites (odd enough to provide one with goosebumps) in the region enclosing the properly.

Not a haunted place, but definitely worth a visit if you’ve always wanted to witness exorcisms. But be warned, the next spirit to possess a person could be you!


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