Swaroop Sagar- Udaipur


Swaroop Sagar- UdaipurSwaroop Sagar is a small artificial lake that was created by MaharanaSwaroop Singh.

The lake was subsequently named after him. It is also known as KumhariaTalab. Located behind the famous Jagdish Temple, KumhariaTalab is near Chand Pol adjoining Rangsagar. The lake was actually built to provide water to the people of Udaipur. KumhariaTalab is connected with Lake Pichola and FatehSagar Lake.Udaipur is known for its lakes which cover more than 45% city’s area, a major reason why the city is better known as City of Lakes or Venice of East. Tourist from across the globe come here to enjoy the embedded beauty and peaceful atmosphere. But this might not continue for long as the condition of the lakes have been deteriorating at an immeasurable speed.Almost all the lakes in and around city are manmade and were build by the ruler’s of Mewar with a sole view of conservation of water. One such lake, located within the city area, is Swaroop Sagar lake build by Maharana Swaroop Singh (1842-1861).

Swaroop Sagar, also known as Kumhariya Talab, serves as the connecting water body between Lake Fateh Sagar and Lake Pichola. It was build to avoid flood like situation and maintain high water level in the adjoining lakes.Interferance with the lakes’ ecological balance started during the British rule when ensuing draughts made water stored in these lakes feel insuffient to meet the needs. So, to prevent loss of water due to evaporation, hexadecanol (cetyl Alcohol) was poured in the lakes which made a protecting layer over the water body. This was first act of tampering with the ecological balance.Today lakes suffer from the problem of water hyacinth. It sounds unrealistic but some people believe that the first plant of hyacinth was delibrately implanted in the lake by the Queen Ellizabeth during her visit in the year 1966 as water hyacinth was seen over Swaroop Sagar and other adjacent lakes after 1966 only.

In the year 1973, residents of Chandpol took initivative and tried to remove the water monster. But irrespective of their efforts, water bodies could not be freed from Hyacinth. Since than, around 40 years have passed but water ecology is still suffering.By the orders of High Court in 1999, construction by the lake side was banned; nearby areas were decleared as no construction zone. Later, an amendment was passed considering the constructions of those who were residing there before 1999. In the past few years, inspite of hundereds of efforts, jointly by the locals and administration, not much change has been reported in ever detoriateing condition of Swaroop Sagar. In 2006, more harmful Crocodile Grass was observed in Swaroop Sagar.Recently, Udaipur Municipal Council (UMC) planned to buy bevending machine worth rupees 5 crores to clean lakes.

They have also instructed surrounding hotels to put a check on disposal of solid wastes being dumped in the lakes.These days, one can witness floating body parts of animals and polythene etc over the surface of Swaroop Sagar. Moreover, the garden developed by UMC, on the banks of Swaroop Sagar, is slowly becoming an adda of drug addicts and some other illegal activities. Above all this, a shocking fact revealed after testing a sample of water taken out from the lake – Water has turned into poision due to excessive dumping of solid wastes.Administration claims that we are cleaning the lakes on regular basis, including Fateh Sagar and Pichola. They might be working on the mentioned lakes but it seems like Swaroop Sagar still remains ignored.

Swaroop Sagar

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