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The Tata Hexa Experience with IndiBloggers – Review

It was around 5 AM in the morning when I got the wakeup call from the Novotel Reception. Although I was wide awake to take that call and respond to the person on the other side. I Had to be at the location by 6 AM for breakfast as we were to depart by 6:30 AM for the Power-Packed journey that I was about to encounter was damn excited for it. I stood before the Large Window Panes of my room to observe the beautiful view of airplanes landing (Thanks to Novotel for That!!).

I recalled how just some hours ago I got a phone call for confirmation of my tickets, how I boarded my train running after it (Exactly in Bollywood Style), how I made to the airport 5 hours early and ended up conversing with random people at the airport, then meeting The Beautiful Couple of Blogger Doctors on flight. Everything was so mesmerizing. Just when I was thinking that I can write a blog on everything I mentioned above.

I was alerted by my roommate that I was running late…. (Caution: Day Dreaming Causes Delay). I had my shower and got ready. Heading towards the garden where the Beast was Standing. The cars were parked and waiting for us to take them. I felt they were literally calling me. I was on the team with Mr. Rahul Prabhakar and Mr. B.S. Vohra. We got the Automatic Variant of the car & it was coded as A-1. As I entered the car I was astonished by the interiors of the car. I had driven other SUVs too but the comfort in this one was something different. From the fabric on seats to the quality of material used for the dash caught my eye. So the first thing I did after getting into the car was to connect my iPhone to experience the speakers that they mentioned in the day before interaction. The JBL speakers and System from Harman. And trust me they were up to my expectations, even on high volumes the Music didn’t turn into Noise.

So we were flagged off with the Beast. The timing of the Navigation System was just perfect, it notified 200 meters prior to the turn and on the Turn too. Rahul started the journey with him being the Pilot (Yes the Hexa Deserves a Pilot), me on the Co-Pilot Seat (I was Controlling Music System) and Vohra Ji on the passenger seat. While driving on the Hyderabad Ring Road, our pilot decided to switch from the Drive Mode to Sports Mode and accelerate the beast. I had encountered the Macho Looks and Lavish Interiors now it turned to know that how much power does the Hexa was possessing. We accelerated from the existing speed of 100 KMPH to 150 KMPH and increasing.tata hexa review

On the Automatic Variant of Hexa, we touched around 175 KMPH and the ride comfort was still there untouched. We barely felt the speed and it was really smooth while changing the lanes. Till now we were ahead of everyone who had left with us from Novotel. Cruising the Hexa on the outskirts of Hyderabad city next was the stretch of 50 KMs full of twists and turns and some potholes too. Again the Hexa was very promising with its flexible suspension system. After 60 KM of fun driving and music, we stopped at a place for some photographs. Captured from iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

I took the steering wheel for the next 10 KM, And as I was expecting it was so comfortable to drive the Hexa that there was no considerable difference that I was driving an SUV. But when I pushed the accelerator I felt the power of the beast. I had a very little driving experience of the automatic variant but what I realized after driving Hexa that even driving in heavy traffic can be fun.

We reached the valley resort first, had our refreshments played Table Tennis and Foosball for some time and then returned back. This time the Hexa we got was different. A Manual Transmission Variant with 4 Modes to switch from. Mr. Vohra was on the Pilot Seat. What I felt from my experience that the manual variant was full of power that could be sensed even on the passenger seat. Again after 10 KM we stopped for some photographs on the lake adjoining to us.

This time I switch with Vohra Ji. So I thought of trying all the 4 Modes that Hexa was offering i.e. Auto Mode, Comfort Mode, Dynamic Mode and Rough Driving Mode. I cruised off the roads of Ananthagiri Hills and the transmission system was so smooth and full of power. I switched to the Dynamic Mode before the Ring Road Stretch. I accelerated in Gear 6 on the ring road till around 170 KMPH and the steering wheel was so firm and precise that I could barely feel the speed. We reached Novotel after completing our Journey of driving the amazing Tata Hexa.

Next, we went for the Off-Roading with Hexa. I would be sharing the technical details and off-roading capabilities of Hexa in my next post. You can imagine the level of my off-road experience by seeing the condition of Hexa after the drive.

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2 thoughts on “The Tata Hexa Experience with IndiBloggers – Review

  1. Mansi says:

    It seems that TATA has covered the whole of India for its new experience car. I attended the event in Gurgaon and it was amazing totally. The test ride was really comfortable and love the legroom space and jaguar engine technology with powerful torque.

    1. Dakshay Bhagtani says:

      This is Cover of The Hyderabad Event. Definitely An Awesome Vehicle

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