Importance of Teacher’s Day: Skip the day, leave a pay

Teacher's Day
Teacher's Day

Teacher’s day is an auspicious day that is dedicated to the noble services of the teachers in the memory of revolutionary teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was the President of India. It has become a tradition in India to celebrate Teacher’s day on 5th September with cultural functions conducted by students and teachers in every school, college and educational institution. Rajasthan, being a state known for its rich culture, is no exception to this.

Teacher's Day
Teacher’s Day

In Rajasthan, every school and colleges celebrate Teacher’s day with pomp and show. But the Government seems to have a differing perspective to the event. The Government has been proactive in organizing a separate program for the teachers working in the government schools and colleges. All the government teachers in Jaipur recruited after Vasundhara Raje and took charge after December 2017 has been invited to attend the state organized Teacher’s Day celebration at Amrudon-ka-Bagh, Jaipur.  No, it is not a regular invitation that you can afford to ignore. This invitation must be attended by all the government lest they want to lose a pay for the day. Moreover, if the teacher attends the state function, he/she can enjoy a release from the duty for four days.

Opinions about the decision

Though the Government is stating this step as a measure to unite the teachers through celebration, it has received a strong repercussion from the Opposition party and the Teacher’s Association. The opposition party has tagged the government teachers as the “beneficiaries” of BJP.

The decision of release from duty for four days has been stated as “unfortunate and condemnable” by the former Chief Minister, Ashok Ghelot. The teachers will receive undeclared leave during this period. It has been tagged as a move of politicisation of the education sector.

The government has been strongly criticised for pressuring the teachers to attend the state function by cutting off a day’s pay in case of absenteeism.   The teachers have earned their jobs with their hard work and calibre and coercing them to gather political support is not regarded as a respectable move on the part of the Government.

The Government has however combated with the criticism by stating that this is just an effort to unify the teachers through a joyful arrangement of programmes to provide recreation. Moreover, they are luring the teachers with the promise of relieve from duties for some days.

The threat of losing the pay is more prominent than the aspect of getting the leave. The Government seems to curb the happiness of the government teachers of Jaipur on Teacher’s day. Such a threat has been perceived as a move for lowering the dignity of teachers by All Rajasthan Teachers Association.

Happy Teacher's Day to all ;)