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Temples are more than stone and mortar. They are filled with faith and fasting. They are built of trials and testimonies. They are certified by sacrifice and service. 

Jaipur is the Pink City and very popular in the name of its magnificent temples which are rich in architecture and craftsmanship. The temples of Jaipur define its beauty in an incredible manner. Here is the list of some top temples in Jaipur where you can follow a spiritual trail.

  1. GaltaJi Temple:  The Monkey Temple of The Pink City.

The beautiful Hindu Temple completely surrounded by  Indian architecture which bestows the heritage of our culture lies  10 km to the central Jaipur. This temple is popularly known as The Monkey Temple as it is the home of more than 200 Monkeys and this is one of the reasons that Galta Ji Temple is the tourist attraction, people love to feed these monkeys with fruits and Chana. 

The Temple consists of the largest Kund made up of the seven tanks of water which has never run dry. This place is dedicated to Shri Ganesha, and the best time to visit this temple is the morning time when Galtaji’s Temple is purely enlightened by the natural golden light of the sun. There is no entrance fee for the temple and you can easily get an auto to the temple. 

  1. Garh Ganesh Temple: The House of Purushakriti

 As the name indicates this temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and considered as the house of Purushakriti, the name of Shri Ganesha when he was a small age, so the idol of Ganesha does not have a trunk. The temple organizes the special ceremony on the Annakut festival which is celebrated on a Wednesday that comes just after Diwali. 

People mostly visit this temple are the devotees of Lord Ganesha near the festival of Diwali and Paush month and chant mantras in a peaceful environment here, as the temple is situated on the hills of Aravalli. The statue of Lord Ganesha is placed at the place which could be seen from the City Palace of Jaipur with help of binoculars. You can hire a cab or bus to reach this divine temple. This is one of the popular sightseeing destinations of Jaipur as the location and scenery is picturesque.

  1. Birla Mandir:  The Most Visited Temple of Rajasthan 

This fresh-looking white marble temple is also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple which is located just below the pearl while it is a scottish palace, hence Birla’s familiar temple is one of the most prestigious Hindu Temples. The architecture of the temple is surrounded by lush greeneries that are easy on the eyes and the outlooking is decorated by the glass windows, the temple has three main visions of God in Hinduism

The popular Laxmi Narayan Temple of Jaipur has three large domes where each dome represents the religions which originated in India. Well, this temple is always being crowded but the best season to visit this temple is during October on the occasion of Janmashtami, the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna, which is celebrated here with great fervor. No temple in the whole Rajasthan has the ability to stand in comparison to this temple.

  1. Akshardham Temple: The Lord Narayana Temple

The temple of Lord Narayana, Akshardham Temple of Jaipur is not only popular among tourists but also for locals. The shrine is solely dedicated to the Hindu deity Swami Narayana where the 7 feet gold leafed idol is situated and the temple is zoned under three Mandapam –  Hari Mandapam, Vibhuti Mandapam, Prasadi Mandapam. 

This place consists of  small temples with the idol of Lord Krishna , Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva – Parvati. This is not an ancient temple but its walls indicate the fine craftsmanship of the artist who has worked here moreover Mantras and Slogans are also scripted on the walls. This place is best if you are visiting with your family and when kids are with you, they will enjoy the large playground and slides on the campus of the Temples.

  1. Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple: The Temple of Lord Shiva In Jaipur

The 400 years old temple of Lord Shiva is situated 20 meters below the earth’s surface, named Pataleshwar. The temple has stairs to reach till the idol of Lord Shiva for worship and people believe that this is a creation of Lord Shiva himself to bless the earth.

Anyone can reach the temple by renting an auto or by bus, this place is quite unknown but its charming natural beauty attracts the people. The entry is free of cost and shooting or photography is allowed here, so don’t forget to bring your camera with you when you visit this divine temple.

  1. Govind Dev Ji Temple: The Bajrakritji brought from Varandhavan

The Raja Sawai Singh II, who is the founder of Jaipur, brought the colorful idol of Lord Krishna from Vrindavan called Bajrakrit who is made by the great-great-grandson of Lord Krishna, Barjranabh. Every day a large number of people visit this temple to get blessings from Govind Devji, who gives glorious texture as cased with gold. The temple consists of many portraits showing Indian art and culture and some bring us back to the time of Lord Krishna. 

The Best time to visit the temple is on the Ashtami tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada according to the Hindu calendar, or on the festival of Janmashtami, The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. On this special occasion, a large number of devotees gather and celebrate the grand birthday of God. The Govind Devji Shrine includes Shri Radha Vallabhji, Shri Banke Bihariji, and many others are among the seven temples of Vrindavan Thakur.

  1. Moti Dungri Temple: The famous Lord Ganesha temple of Rajasthan

It was built in 1761 under the supervision of Seth Jai Ram Paliwal is situated at the bottom of the Moti Dungri hill and the fort of Moti Dungri in Jaipur, Rajasthan The temple is a popular tourist attraction in the city. This temple is considered as the most famous Ganesha temple of Rajasthan and devotees flock to this temple mainly on Wednesday. A visit to this holy place gives peace and bliss. The best time to visit is during the auspicious day of Ganesha Chaturthi but a huge crowd gathers on this day. Most of the people who buy vehicles come to this temple for worship and ask for the Buppa’s wishes for a great start of the vehicle. Not only vehicles also wedding invite firstly come to this Temple and then it is distributed among relative

Moti Dungri Ganesh temple defines the advancement of old Indian architecture and its relation with psychology and mind. Only a few hours you spend here can treat your mental anxieties, depression and so many other stress problems. Temple covers more than 2 km area and has three well-built domes. The main idol of the Lord Ganesha is in the heart of the temple. The name of the temple is after the name of the palace and it means Moti- The pearl and Dungri- the word is used to define small hill in Rajasthani

  1. Kalki Mata Temple : The Mysterious Kalki Temple in Pink City

Jaipur is commonly referred to as Choti Kashi as you can see different temples and god’s idols at all points. One such unique temple is the Kalki Mata Temple which is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu which is located at Tulsi marg Infront of Sawai Man Singh Town Hall and there is a beautiful story related to this temple. This temple is in close proximity to the city palace and Govind dev Ji temple.

It is said that the Avatar of Lord Vishnu who is not yet born and near it is a statue of a horse. One leg of this horse has a  small wound. It is believed that it is healing itself and it will heal completely on the day when Lord Kalki will born and will finish all negative vibes.

  1. The Sun Temple: The Temple of  Hindu Sun God

Sun Temple is the first ancient temple that you would come across while going from Galta Gate to the series of Temples Galta Dham. This temple, dedicated to Surya, the Hindu Sun god, is worth a trip if only to see what cushy life the monkeys, and cattle that crowd the way up have. They are well fed by visitors and locals alike.  You will probably be offered peanuts at the auto-rickshaw stop at the bottom of the hill but the monkeys prefer fruit. The walk up is quite long on a very rough path but you get good views over Jaipur from the top. 

The temple itself is small but there are some nice carvings. You are expected to make a small contribution to see the shrines and get a blessing. The temple shows us the view of sunrise and sunset. The whole cityscape can be seen here. People come here also to pray but after 8 p.m. at night some fauna like Leopards, Cheetahs are also seen, that’s why before the particular time it is safe to leave.

  1. The Kale Hanumanji: the semi-dark ambiance of the deities of Lord Hanumanji

Normally Idol of Lord Hanuman Ji is found in Orange or red color but here the idol of Lord Hanuman Ji is black, so this temple is called Kale Hanuman Ji . TheTemple situated near Chandi Ki Taksal on Hawamahal Road .The idol of Hanumanji is mesmerizing and beautiful. The best thing you can have is the darshan (see) of the deities from the entrance itself. 

On Tuesday and Saturday from morning 7 to night 11 Jhada (relief from diseases) has been placed by the Priest of the temple. Parents basically take their small children for blessing and Taabeej from the temple and there is a long queue for taking blessings. It seemed that local people have great faith in that temple and on the main priest there. They were in a queue for just bowing before him to get his blessings. You can use the location marked on Google maps to reach the temple.


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