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Shopping in Jodhpur: 3 Best Markets For Shopaholics in 2020

Went to on a tour and did not do any shopping, which would be so boring and especially if it’s to a heritage city like Jodhpur in Rajasthan.Taj Umaid Bhawan Hotel

There is no going back without shopping for some amazing stuff from here. And if you do go, you are going to regret it for your whole life. Shopping here is worth your time as its monuments and forts. This handicraft city is a home place of many skilled craftsmen including textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers. Durriya, a handmade carpet made in the Salawas region of the city is also very popular among tourists. It is famous for its fabric like a tie-dye fabric and many other fabric can be bought here.

And of course, the famous Jodhpuri Suit must be on your shopping list. It gives a royal and rich look to your dress. Apart from these some antiques, bandhani, embroidered footwear, tie, and dye fabrics can be bought to gift your near and dear ones. It is not only about the variety available here but also the price which is amazingly low that makes your shopping wonderful. After knowing about all these things the question arises “From where can we buy these things?”

So here we are with the 3 Best Markets For Shopaholics in 2020

1. Kapra Bazaar

shopping in jodhpur cityOne of the most popular bazaars of Jodhpur offering a huge variety of Rajasthani items. The name “Kapra” which means cloth in English, is famous for providing a huge collection of dress material giving an essence of Rajasthani style.

The dress material includes Bandhani, Lehariya and different prints. Apart from it many beautiful Rajasthani art pieces can be bought from here. There is a number of restaurants offering Lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes that add to the great shopping experience.

2. Mochi Bazaarshopping in jodhpur city

If you like traditional footwear like the Mojris or traditional Jodhpuri shoes, then Mochi Bazaar is the place for you or here you get the famous Lac works like Lac bangles. You can find a wide variety of traditional footwear in different colors and designs to fulfill your expectations.

These Mojris not only look amazing but give a royal touch to your look.  Apart from it, you can find lac bangles and another adorning item of ladies here. You can also shop for Kurt-Pajama, Sherwani and Jodhpuri suit from here.

3. Sarafa Bazaar

If you are a die-hard fan of traditional items then this place is like a paradise for you. This place is among the top tourist spots for beautiful Rajasthani items like antiques and fabrics.
Apart from it, it is also famous for Bandhej and Lahariya which are available in a variety of designs and print. You can also find jewelry, beads and bangles to match your attire.

shopping in jodhpur cityApart from the Bazaars above you can also shop from Sojati Gate for Tie and Dye Sarees as well as the famous Jodhpuri Suit. Leather Goods, Embroidered shoes and Utensils can be bought from Station Road and Nai Sarak, local handicrafts and textiles from Tripolia Bazaar and Clock Tower. You can also shop for Spices from Clock Tower for which it is popular. You can find wooden furniture and artifacts at shops opposite the front gate of Umaid Bhawan Hotel.

It’s a promise that shopping here will not only be satisfied but will leave you with a great experience. So what are you waiting for?

Bring the brightness of Jodhpuri colors to your home or gift some antiques to your friend or get a royal look with the Jodhpuri suit.

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