The Most Visited Market And Places

Jaipur Market

The  Most Visited Market And Places

  1. Fort Road Market
  2. Rana Sanga Market
  3. Sadar Bazaar
  4. Chittorgarh Fort
  5. Vijaya Stambh: Vijaya Stambh is a huge nine storey tower
  6. Kirti Stambh or the tower of fame
  7. Padmini’s Palace
  8. Rana Kumbha Palace
  9. Shri Sanwariaji Temple: The Sanwaliaji temple of the Dark Krishna is situated on the Chittorgarh-Udaipur Highway.
  10. Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary: panthers, wild boars, antelopes, mongoose and migratory birds.
  11. Nagri: One of the most important townships of the Mauryan era in Rajasthan, situated on the banks of river Bairach.
  12. Barolo: The ruins of the famous temples of babaroli, near Rawatbhata.
  13. Menal:”mini khajauraho”ancient temples, waterfalls and beautiful forests.