The underrated paradise- Rajsamand Lake

An introduction to unexplored Rajasthan – Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand lake, also known as Rajsamudra lake, is a beauty situated 66 km north of Udaipur, the southern part of Rajasthan. Constructed in 1660 by Maharana Raj Singh, the Rajsamand Lake is 6.4 km long, 2.8 km wide, and ~60 feet deep, with river Gomti being its major water supplier. It is one of the five famous lakes of Mewar, between Rajnagar and Kankroli. During sunset, this beauty glitters with light coming from the sun. 

A picturesque paradise indeed!

Marvellous features of Rajsamudra Lake

Rajsamand Lake has a white marble ghat on the south, which enhances its beauty manifolds.

You would see five structures with two pillars each and one triangular structure on top. These are craft fully designed torans (weighing arches) where the Mewar king and his descendants organized Tuladan (an event where the gold weighted equivalent to that of the King gets distributed amongst Brahmins). 

Another attraction here is the nine pavilions or Chaukis. To feel the cool breeze, calmness, or wish to enjoy a picnic, this is the perfect spot for such events. These pavilions have carvings of birds, chariots, gods, and a lot of other things. Don’t forget to bring your lunch, because you won’t find any inside the complex.

 One will also find inscriptions of the history of Mewar in the 1017 stanzas on 27 marble slabs, also known as Raj Prashasti. This inscription is called the longest etching in India of its kind.

The marble used here to make this whole structure came from nearby places such as Ajmer and places in between where one would find natural marble reserves.

Did you know: Rajsamand Lake served as a seaplane base during WWII for over six years for Imperial Airforce. 

Why was it Constructed?

Dramatic drought and famine situation shook the region in the year 1661, because of which the idea of Rajsamand Lake developed. Providing canal irrigation to local farmers was another reason why the idea of constructed Rajsamand Lake got conceived. The victims of drought got employment opportunities due to the construction of the dam. 

Foundation began on January 1, 1662, but actual construction started on January 14, 1676. Mukund Jaggatnath was the chief architect of Rajsamand Lake. 

In modern India, the lake got dried up completely, and an activist named Dinesh Shrimali came forward to mobilize people to refill the Rajsamad lake. After cleaning the Gomti river and regularizing several mines, the cleaning efforts became visible. People’s cooperation was integral to Rajsamand Lake’s rejuvenation success story in 2006. Today the lake we all see is the tireless effort of humans coming together for nature.

Visit the Rajsamand Lake, because things are in your favour!

When the sun rays hit the water, it shines like multiple diamonds floating in it. With such marvelous scenery, you will surely get some Instagram-worthy memorable shots here. For people who want a break from their busy life for peace, this sight is a place to behold forever. What’s more? 

This place asks for no entry fee or specific timings. Just between sunrise and sunset is the best time to go. Make a plan to visit this site in the months between October-February. It is a smart move to avoid the scorching summers of Rajasthan.

Things to visit near Rajsamand Lake

This photographer’s heaven has many striking moments to offer with its delightful sunrise and breathtaking sunset. Kumbhalgarh National Park is 85 km away from this site, and it takes 2 hours to reach there via NH58 on a cab or own car. Many sites are available in the vicinity, so plan your trip and visit multiple locations in a day. 

Temples such as Hanuman Mandir, Dwarkadhish temple, Shrinathji temple, Haldi Ghati, Kankroli Temple, Shree Chhapariya Bheru Mandir are some of the many fascinating sites to visit at least once. Numerous hotels are available near the lake, and you can enjoy the scenic view from your hotel room, under Rs. 2000 for a decent room. 


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