Top 5 Minimalistic Bridal Mehendi Designs

Choosing the best bridal mehndi design can be a bit difficult when you have millions of options to select from, however, most of the brides do not like to go for full Mehendi designs, and completely color their hands and feet. In these situations, you can always opt for minimalistic bridal Mehendi designs, you get a simple circle design with unique outlining, or you can go for a butti designs, or cute jaal designs on your fingers with unique flowers following it and also portraits of the bride-groom on the palm. Minimalistic designs bring a completely elegant wedding look. Shortlist your favorites from this latest bridal mehendi designs to choose from, and latest designs some are:

  • Arabic Mehendi

One of the most famous mehndi designs amongst brides, the designs are quite pleasing and ought to be perfect in every way possible. You can never go wrong with Arabic Mehendi designs, as the designs automatically accentuate the look and complete the entire wedding look. Instead of going for full Arabic designs, you can choose to get the Mehendi design on your fingers and the back of your palms, it is not important to have Mehendi designed up till your elbows.

  • Jaal Mehendi Design

This Mehendi design is majorly preferred for feet Mehendi, however, you can choose to get it designed on the back of your palms, it looks quite minimalistic and beautiful. The design itself has a lot of spacing that allows the Mehendi to dry up quickly, this way you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes with the Mehendi paste. You can also try the jaal Mehendi design with circular Mehendi design on your palms, both the designs have spacing between them so your hands get dried in just a matter of 30-40minutes.

Credits: The Bridal Stain

  • Floral Mehendi Design

If you are the one who loves floral designs, be it your bridal blouse design or your l lehenga for your mehendi function, you can also choose to go for a floral mehendi design if you wish to keep your mehendi design simple and minimalistic. From cutesy small roses to mini flowers,or half flower designs on the back of your palms, or a flower trail mehendi design with an arabic touch. These designs look quite aesthetic.

  • Unique portrait on mehendi designs

As Marriage remarks the beginning of love, you can choose a portrait of a dove on your mehendi design, these designs look unique and minimalistic, and it also symbolizes something important in your life. You can also get peacock designs on your mehendi as it being a sign of beauty and immortality with some cutesy jhumkas, unique designs like these accentuate the wedding look.

  • Jewellery mehendi design on your feet

To keep your look minimal you can go for jewellery mehendi designs for your feet, these designs look as if you are wearing sandals. To customize the look you can choose a jewellery piece that fascinates you a lot, and get the same design on your feet mehendi.

Credits: Shutterdown By Lakshay Chawla

Minimalistic Mehendi designs are one of the most simple and unique designs brides love, it doesn’t have to be sitting like a mannequin for straight 6 hours, designs like these only take a minimum of 1 hour to complete so you can enjoy your Mehendi function to the fullest.


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