Udaipur Monsoon Moodzz Photography Contest

Udaipur Monsoon Moodzz Photography Contest


1. The contest is open for online submissions on the email ID: buzz@venuezz.com.
2. You have to mention the following details in the email :
  • Full Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Facebook Profile Link / Name
  • Brief detail or the Location detail of the photograph submitted.
3. The entries will be accepted until 16th August 2017 only.
4. Each person can submit maximum 5 entries for the contest.
5. All submitted photos must be originally taken by the Photographer /Contestant.
6. There must be no border(s), logo(s), copyright marks, identifying marks, or any other visible references and/or marks on the image.
7. All submitted photos should be shot in this monsoon season of 2017 only.
8. Photos that have won any prize already in any other contests of similar nature will be accepted.
9. Basic editing, including color enhancement, the use of filters, and cropping of the Photo(s) is acceptable, provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the Photo(s).
10. Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is prohibited.
11. Every image uploaded is subject to a moderation process before it becomes visible on the Venuezz page.
12. This contest is for mainly the landscape photography of Udaipur and its surroundings in the Monsoon season. We will not allow individual photos or selfies or close-up photos of any individuals. However, if the photo has some people visible from the far distance and is not showing them as the main subject, it can be considered.
13. Participant is requested to like the official Facebook Page so we can Tag them on Facebook to give Photo Courtesy.

Udaipur Monsoon Moodzz Photography Contest THE JUDGING

1. Judge/judges for this contest will comprise of members of the editorial team of Venuezz.
2. The judging panel shall assess and determine the winning Photos. The final evaluation will be done as per the online genuine likes/reactions on photos on the official Venuezz Facebook Page only till 20th Aug. 2017, 6:00 PM on all the photographs/entries. However, in the final evaluation 50% weight-age will be of Judges Evaluation of the quality/beauty/concept of the photograph.
3. The results and the winners will be announced on 21st Aug. 2017.
4. The decision of judging panel will be final and binding on all Participants in respect to all matters relating to the Contest.


Any prize that may be awarded to the winners of the Contest will be solely paid to them only in person.

First Prize: Rs. 3000/- Cash

Second Prize: Rs. 2000/- Cash

Third Prize: Rs. 1000/- Cash

4 Special Prizes: Rs. 500/- Cash


1. The Photographer will be credited wherever the image is used in the bottom strip of the image.
2. Logo of Venuezz will also be used on each picture submitted in the bottom strip of the image.
3. Venuezz reserves the rights to use the submitted photographs on social media and its website in the future too. However, whenever used the photographer will be given the name credits.
For more details on this contest call us at: +91 77288 91920, +91 73000 77548.
Let the Buzz Begin!