Udaipur Railway Station

Udaipur railway station is a railway station located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The railway station is under the administrative control of North Western Railway of Indian Railways.

 Overview Udaipur City railway station

Udaipur City Railway Station has 4 platforms and a total of 6 tracks. It is situated on the Udaipur Road, around 3 km from the city center, and around 20 km from Udaipur Airport. To decongest the main Udaipur City Railway Station, the suburban station Rana Pratap Nagar railway station is developed as the second main station for passenger trains in Udaipur.


Train Name &NumbeTiming ScheduleWeek days
Ju Aii Special (09616)00:0004:30270 minNYNNNNN
Aii Ju Special (09615)05:3500:001105 minNNNNNNY
Udaipur City Express (19329)19:15EndsYYYYYYY
Bdts Aii Udz Express (12995)08:5500:00905 minNNYNYNY
Chetak Express (12982)Starts17:15YYYYYYY
Udz Jp Superfast Special (09722)Starts15:05YYYYYYY
Udz Njp Express (19601)Starts00:20NNNNNYN
Chetak Express (12981)07:50EndsYYYYYYY
Udz Ndt Special (09608)Starts16:05NNNNNNY
Ndt Udz Special (09607)09:05EndsNNNNNNY
Udz Super Fast (22901)15:55EndsNNYNYNY
Udz Kurj Express (19666)Starts22:20YYYYYYY
Kurj Udz Express (19665)06:45EndsYYYYYYY
Mewar Fast Passenger (52927)Starts08:10YYYYYYY
Mewar Express (12964)Starts18:15YYYYYYY
Udz Kota Special (09802)Starts16:00YYYYYYY
Kota Udz Special (09801)16:30EndsNNNNYNN
Aii Beas Special (09602)04:05EndsNNYNNNN
Aii Beas Special (09601)00:0000:2525 minNNNYNNN
Mewar Fast Passenger (52928)19:00EndsYYYYYYY
Rtm Udaipur Express (19327)23:59EndsYYYYYYY
Jp Udz Superfast Special (09721)13:15EndsYYYYYYY
Udz Adi Express (19943)Starts17:45YYYYYYY
Njp Udz Express (19602)04:05EndsYNNNNNN
Udz Bdts Superfast Express (12996)Starts21:35NYNYNYN
Ananya Express (12316)Starts00:20YNNNNNN
Jp Udz Express (12992)21:30EndsYYYYYYY
Annanya Express (12315)03:00EndsNNNYNNN
Udz Shm Express (19660)Starts20:00NNNNYNN
Shm Udz Express (19659)08:55EndsNNNNNNY
Mewar Express (12963)07:20EndsYYYYYYY
Udz Ratlam Express (19328)Starts01:15YYYYYYY
Adi Udz Express (19944)09:20EndsYYYYYYY
Udz Bdts Superfast (22902)Starts21:35NNYNYNY
Udz Indb Express (19330)Starts20:35YYYYYYY
Udz Jp Express (12991)Starts06:00YYYYYYY

Note: For more enquiry please visit official site of indian railway www.indianrail.gov.in