Udaipur to Jaisamand Lake - A Monsoon Season Travel Blog
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Udaipur to Jaisamand Lake – A Monsoon Season Travel Blog

The Jaisamand Lake area, which includes the southern part of the lead-zinc belt of Zawar, district Udaipur, Rajasthan, falls within the Aravalli region of the north-western.

Jaisamand is readily approachable from the Udaipur city, which is well-connected with the important cities of India by rail, road and air links. Jaisamand has a big lake, which is situated on the Udaipur-Salumbar road, about 50 kms south-east of the Udaipur city.

Vintage telescope at Jaisamand's Pal

Vintage telescope at Jaisamand’s Pal

The periphery of Jaisamand lake, which occupies an area of about 70 sq. km., is about 9 0 km.  

This Vintage telescope at Jaisamand’s Pal, with the help of this we can see whats going on/happening in the Jaisamand Resort ???????? and nearby hills ????

Jaisamand Resort is a beautiful Island resort, surrounded by its own scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuary, flora and fauna. Also, it is too expensive around 12000 INR to stay a night, hope so I ( @mahendraa_singh) will visit soon with the help of money Baba..lol

Most of the varieties of wildlife of the area have vanished with increasing urbanization accompanied by accelerated deforestation. However, a few carnivores like panther, leopard and rarely tiger could still be found only in the protected forests. Jackal, monkey, deer, hare, snake and scorpion are the common wild animals and pigeon, peacock, crow, dove, crane and partridge are the more common aves to be found in the area.
The distance of Jaisamand resort from Jaisamand’s Pal will be at least 7-8 kilometers( As telescope person said)

If you are going here in the rainy season, it will be very good, because the mountains around here are completely green and the path going here is filled with the laws and water fountains.
A little bit about Jaisamand Lake. It is the second largest artificial ( सिंपल बोले तो इंसानों ने बनाई) lake of Asia. Also, know as Dhebar Lake. And according to history till the time when #AswanDam of Egypt was not constructed.

The person who owned this telescope, bring it from #London, UK

Udaipur to Jaisamand Road

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake


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