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DJC: A National Vintage Car and Motorcycle Collector in Kota Rajasthan

The common saying goes “Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before”. I feel the saying was created for me and my ilk. In Indian mythology child Lord Hanuman felt that the sun was a fruit facing unlimited hazards and finally swallowed it. Here my idea is not to narrate the mythology but just to illustrate my career. With due apology, I would like to quote a famous English poet Wordsworth “The Child is the Father of Man”. My parents, acquaintances and others who knew me then would testify to this assertion of mine. I was bitten by the bug of having an inexplicable love and attachment to motorcycles and four wheeler cars and at the tender age of 7, I started riding motorcycles and initially a ’77 fiat. Time passed, and at 18 I found myself collecting vehicles. My first venture was an acquisition of a 1984 Yezdi Classic, restored in about 5 months.

1947 vauxhall Australian Model

1947 Vauxhall Australian Model

This success gave me the impetus to start collecting as many vehicles as I could lay my hands on, so much so that Devashish Jethwani Customs(DJC) was launched during my college days. By 2012, in my 2nd year, I started to deal in automobile components and accessories.  Gradually I progressed to selling Enfields. I built my first custom motorcycle at the age of 21. By the time I reached my final year in college, I was the proud owner of 2 cars and 7 motorcycles. I would collect vehicles from all over the country. This success prompted me on to start vintage cars and motorcycle renting company.

During this period, the DJC Vintage, classic and luxury cars were running all over the country and heritage city tours. Superbikes such as Harleys and Hyosung formed part of my collection that comprised 1947 Vauxhall Wyvern, 1951 Morris Minor, 1955 Fiat, 1977 Fiat, 1988 HM Contessa, 1954 Bsa C10L, 1960 Lambretta with sidecar, 1962,65 Lambretta, 1966 Suvega, 1968,69,69 Ideal Jawa Czech, 1969 RD Ranger, 1984,88 Yezdi classic with sidecar, 1986 Enfield Explorer, Harley Superlow, Hyosung Aquila.

1973 Czech Republic Jawa 250

1973 Czech Republic Jawa 250

Restoration of a car acquired with difficulty takes over a year and the cost according to the modal goes up to 15-25 lacs. Then obtaining spare parts is a tremendous task. They have to be collected not only in India but from abroad after the completion of a host of legal formalities, very trying to fulfil. Sometimes certain part has to be handmade.

Competition- I wouldn’t call this a competition at all, vintage cars for me are a true work of art. The different car brands, a hundred models in every brand stretching a brief history of over 5 decades. The ideology of buying such products differs from person to person, some might love a sports hatchback, some might love a sports hatchback some might love convertibles while others might prefer brand name over heritage and technical specification.

Idol- Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei with his personal collection of over 5000 vehicles.

Current collection- 8 cars, 44 motorcycles. 7 scooters, 5 sidecars

Restoration per year- 2-3 vehicles

Future – hoping to touch a 100 vehicles in total before 2018 ends and continue the journey henceforth.

Association with Dusshera Mela and Nagar Nigam Kota -2017



Vintage car rally, auto expo and a musical concert are being organized on 8th October 2018 in Kota city where we are expecting over 20 vintage cars along with 60 modern luxury and imported cars. Along with 4 wheelers, over a hundred 2 wheelers will be participating in the event.

DJC bikes kota

DJC bikes Kota

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