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Why Kota Lantern Festival became the most Hyped Event of the city?

The 3rd season of Kota Lantern Festival is back with all its bling!

Each year Kota has adorned this imperial event with open arms, this pre-Diwali celebration has now concreted its place in the calendar. A package of music, dance, lights, photo booths, celebration, and a sky full of lanterns.

Here are the reasons behind Kota Lantern Festival becoming the most HIT event.

  • A Celebratory Event with a Cause

The team lays emphasis on a cracker free Diwali, its high time when people should start accepting the eco-friendly version of celebrating festivals, therefore KLF2019 is dedicated to promote the message of ‘Green and Safe Environment’. One has to take tiny steps in the eco-friendly Earth direction to achieve fight Global Warming and pollution.

  • Mega Gathering

People belonging to variant age groups stay eager to attend this event with their hangout groups. In 2017, more than 1500 people commenced into the existence of this exclusive celebration in the city. Last year the gathering exceeded with a number of 3500 attendees. This year, the event will surely be taken a notch up as more than 4500 people have already booked their tickets to the Kota Lantern Festival 2019.

  • Student-Friendly Event

As Kota is considered as the Education city of India, several students migrate from their cities to prepare for various competitive examination. This event will act as a stress buster to them, and as it is scheduled on Friday, they can leave for their homes the next morning for their weekend holidays.

  • A Banging Weekend Start

The Event is held on a fine Friday Evening of 18th October 2019, which will prove to be a great start to the upcoming weekend.

  • Event being Held in the Heart of the City

For making this prime event more accessible for the attendees, the event is being held at Kota Medical College Ground Nr.UIT Auditorium.

  • Pocket Friendly Entry Fees

All the fun, music, entertainment offered by the Kota Lantern Festival can be in your hands by paying only 300 INR each for a  normal entry ticket to the event.

  • Feasible Timings

The event will start from 5:30 in the evening till 10:00 at night, the timing has been locked keeping in mind the student and family crowd planning to attend the event.

These were all the reasons behind establishing Kota Lantern Festival as a Big HIT event of the city.

We know you all have been waiting for a year now to attend this gala, well now your wait is over.

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